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This Alternative Energy Source Has Potential To “Make Us Healthier”

This alternative energy source harnesses ambient energy and transforms it into electricity – while ALSO producing negative ions beneficial for health.

Good riddance fossil fuels, a new alternative energy source has just entered the arena and its potential capabilities are beyond incredible.

The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G.)discovered and extensively tested by Professor John Searl for the past 60 years, operates on principles not currently understood or taught by mainstream academic institutions. But if given appreciation and effort to be understood, this technology could offer scalable energy independence for every home and business due to the amount of electricity it is likely to produce.

The ‘Searl Effect’ is based on a unique process of magnetization that, when in motion, produces interacting wave forms which create electricity. In simple laymen’s terms, that means the unit’s energy cycle can be compared to a hydroelectric dam in principle, since both are driven indirectly by entropy of the sun’s radiant energy.

As stated by Professor Searl, “Of the 100% of the sun’s energy that hits the Earth, 70% goes back out because we don’t know how to use it; the S.E.G. knows how to use it.”

In fact, this same technology has allowed Professor Searl to run his home completely off the grid for the past 31 years by harnessing ambient energy and transforming it into electricity with his S.E.G.

SOURCE: True Activist            Photo Credit: SearlSolution

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