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The Future Of Food: MIT’s City Farm

A new and original look at the future of food has arrived at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab.

The project goes by the name CityFARM and is quickly gaining a substantial amount of attention particularly for its willingness to invest, research, and dispel misunderstandings regarding the future of food. It’s located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and being led by its founder, research scientist, Caleb Harper.

CityFarm’s mission is plainly stated, “As part of the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, we explore the technological, environmental, social and economic design of scalable systems capable of producing affordable and high quality food in the hear of our future cities.”

The research for MIT Media Lab’s new venture is providing fresh input alongside a bevy of eye opening innovative research. It appears that a large part of the agricultural research being conducted is dedicated to awareness of major cultural shifts in schools of thought when it comes to growing food in cityscapes. This is paired with sensitivity to both the environment and growing concerns surrounding resources.

According to the primary website for this project, researchers see this shift as less of an option and more of a mandate. At first glance, one might see the project as a group of predominantly eager horticulturalists. However, this team is anything but one dimensional. The diverse team includes architects, engineers, city planners, economists, and of course plant scientists. This group is aiming to take their research and rethinking and transform it into “high performance urban agricultural systems”.

SOURCE: Mixer Direct

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