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HIVE TRACK: Technology to increase awareness and give us data into the bee collapse

We’ve designed two downloadable, printable beehives: the Colorado Top Bar, and the Barcelona Warré. These hives aim to prioritise bee colony health, make beekeeping more accessible, and will ultimately allow you to log and study the health of your colony.

Your contribution will help us develop sensors to enhance our hives, connecting them to the Internet to log data about what is causing the bees to disappear around the world. This data can be used to study colony health, build hard evidence against the causes of the problem, and generate policy change and informed solutions moving forward.

We’re a team of ecologists, beekeepers, makers, engineers, and open source advocates who believe that citizens, rather than governments or corporations, can solve this problem by taking action together. Our team is based in Denver, Barcelona, and Brussels.

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This open source software project gives us full visibility in the hive for the first time.


Theorizing here.....Is there any concern about the communication frequency further interfering with the colony?

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