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Active projects have a lot of moving parts, take many minds, and need passion to ensure the proper actions are executed in perfect timing. Focal Shift has introduced a completely new approach to the process. Using CollabPad, you give the world just enough access to your project for visitors to self identify if your project is something they want to support and in what ways. Can they help overcome a project challenge? Maybe they have a crucial piece of your project puzzle. Whatever the case, this is a naturally unfolding process built into your CollabPad, and is the heartbeat of Focal Shift.

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CollabPad provides a unique way to manage your social impact project. Whereas most tools used to ’round-up’ the team and track your accomplishments are completely private and made available only to those invited. CollabPads give project teams flexibility. Some project data, initiatives, and conversations are accessible by the public, giving others insight into how they may be able to help. Have a project challenge you want to put out to the universe? Create your CollabPad and put it out there.

Don’t worry, you remain in complete control! Show as much or as little about your project and the progress being made as you’d like.

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You have so much to say, but no one to send it to. Building a list of those who want to stay up to date with the status of your project is vital. CollabPad not only makes the list building process a breeze, you can deploy newsletters to these lists at the press of a button! Want to send different updates based on someones level of interest? No problem. List building in the CollabPad allows visitors to select what kind of updates they wish to receive. You can also customize the newsletter template to match your brand and automate what is sent to who and at what time.

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As others begin engaging in your CollabPad, essentially you are building community around your project. From the directory, you can get a birds eye view of who is involved and from where, as well as how close other collaborators may be to you in proximity. Wanna host a project meet up for those in the community to shake hands and do the eyeball dance? Use the event calendar to make such announcements, and let members RSVP, directly within the CollabPad.

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An all inclusive framework used to show off your project, build community, and track the progress being made. Your CollabPad is where people from around the world learn about and contribute time, talent, and resources toward your effort. Make it Public or some of it private. Looking to switch up the look and feel of your CollabPad? Change it! Browse page templates created by the Focal Shift community and if you see something you like…Copy…Paste…and Critique it!

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-ionicons-radio-waves” title=”COLLABPAD AS A COMMUNICATIONS TOOL”]

Conveying important messages about your project shouldn’t be difficult and should’t require you to login into dozens of tools to get the job done! Skype is a great tool to chat with others about your project. Facebook is a fantastic way to spark group conversations and your blog (which like mine, probably needs a makeover) is fun and keeps your audience up to date.

CollabPad as a communications tool provides a sweet blend of all three, and then some…


Not sure if CollabPad is the right fit for your organization? Schedule a live demonstration and lets talk about your needs.

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How It Works


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Instant access to the tools needed to synchronize your team efforts with the crowd. Showcase your progress, collaborate on tasks with the public, capture unfolding conversations, raise funds, and much more.

Focal Shift is a network for Social Good and
a tool-suite for collaborative project teams.